Welcome in a different world of Yoga Study.

Anil Yog Aalay (AYA)
Yoga and Meditation Centre
Rishikesh India

Yoga and Meditation Center – AYA – Anil Yog Aalay




Absolutely not like the external world, I am not going to explain Anil Yog Aalay (AYA) in high definition through Wordings. Rather, in very true way. It is…

A Centre:

  • With full of Natural Aliveness.
  • Who absolutely Unique for Yoga and Meditation Retreat.
  • Where you live with River, Mountain, Trees, Birds and Love-able Animals.
  • Where you can also enjoy sports and adventure activities.
  • Who inspire you to transform from imaginary to realistic world of Yoga
    and Meditation.
  • Where you will feel that you’re Routine Life converting into Natural Life.
  • Who really retreat ‘You’.

So come, Anil Yog Aalay (AYA) welcomes you for Non-Comparable Yoga and
Meditation Retreat.